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Buying a Motorcycle

February 23, 2016 at 12:54 am

Buying a motorcycle can be difficult. If you’re reading this it’s probably because you’ve been browsing the internet for days on end and dealing with crazies on Craigslist. Let me guess.. you’re sick of it and you’re ready to be done. I don’t blame you. I’ve been through it. It’s an absolute nightmare but don’t give up hope yet. Over the years there have been many new options to the market and the newest being the moto market. Here you can browse bikes all day without dealing with all the crap on craigslist. This is a motorcycle focused site so you don’t deal with all the other crap. Find what you’re looking for and speaking with knowledgable owners, builders and more. If you like vintage bikes and you want to find some cafe racers for sale the moto market is the spot to be.

Facts about BMW Motorcycles

February 16, 2016 at 9:32 pm

The history of the BMW motorcycle started in 1921. This was when BMW started making engines for different companies. Currently, the manufacturing of motorcycles is done under the banner of BMW Motorrad. From 1923-1925, BMW produced its first motorcycle. It was called the R32. People often take vintage bmw motorcycles and turn them into cafe racers.

BMW Motorcycles


The engine was designed by Max Friz. The engine was a 486 cc, which was 29.7 cubic inches. It topped out at 95 to 100km/h, or 59 to 62 mph. The gearbox and engine together comprised a bolt-up single unit. When motorcycle makers generally used oiling systems that were called “total-loss,” the BMW engine had an oiling system that featured re-circulating “wet sump” featuring a drip freed that went down to roller bearings.

BMW used this system through 1969. Then they moved to the “high-pressure oil” system which was based on the use of tight clearances and shell bearings. This system is still being used today. If you’re a big motorcycle fan check out this t shirt of the month club. they have motorcycle t shirts for those into the moto scene.

The K series

In 2004, BMW launched the K series. It had undergone a tremendous redesign from the earlier version. This was a worldwide launch. The K1200S contained a completely new inline four-cylinder engine that was liquid cooled. It ran at 165 horsepower. This model was mainly designed to be a Super Sport motorbike, but larger and heavier than the closest Japanese competitors. Since the release of the K1200S, BMW has also released the K1200R Naked Roadster, as well as the K1200GT sport tourer. These started appearing in the showrooms of dealers in the spring of 2006. Each of the K-series designs are based on the (inline) four-cylinder engine. They each have somewhat varying degrees of power.

2007 saw the launch of the BMW K1200R Sport. It was a sport touring variation on the K1200R.

October of the next year saw the release of three BMW K-series models. These were the K1300R, the K1300S, and the K1300GT. These models had an increased engine capacity—136 cc—and increased power (175 horsepower). It also saw a new design for the fairings and exhaust system.

2011 saw the launch of two six-cylinder, 1,600 cc bikes—the K1600GT and the K1600GTL motorbikes. The K1600GT was meant to be a sport-tourer, and the K1600GTL was meant to be more of a luxury tour model. The engine is 160 horsepower. Other features include ABS, adaptable headlamps, traction control, tire pressure monitors, and various sound systems. There is a cool blog posts somewhere on thompson reid that provides details on where to find motorcycle parts and more if you’re looking for a good resource.

The R series

With 2005 returned motorcycles with the opposed-twin-cylinder—the boxer engine. This engine was brought back at 1,170 cc. It’s a more powerful engine, weighing less than its predecessors.

The R1200GS was the first bike to utilize this updated engine. Then came the R1200RT tourer and the R1200ST, the sports tourer.

The F series and the G Series

The series’ price was lowered in 2006 on the F650GS as well as on the F650GS Dakar. It stopped production on the F650CS Scarver altogether. This was in order to carve out room for the F800 Series. These new bikes make use of a parallel twin engine, which is built by Rotax. The F800 Series included the F800S sport motorcycle, as well as the F800ST sport tourer.

October 2006 also saw the arrival of the G series of off road bikes. Various G650s came out—the Xchallenge hard enduro, the Xcountry scrambler/adventure sports bike, and the Xmoto Street moto.

The G450X was released in 2007 and discontinued in 2010.